Sexual Wellness

Phoenix Pro


A Medical Grade At-Home Device for Men

The Phoenix Pro model is the most effective physician-recommended at-home device designed to revitalize erections with the support and supervision of a certified physician. It offers patients the ability to accelerate the results of in-clinic treatments GAINSWave®, Exosomes and more while affording them with the convenience of at-home therapy In addition, it is also a powerful standalone solution for those that are not receiving additional therapies from certified physicians.

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Maximizes Blood Flow
Improves Erectile Rigidity
Restores Sensitivity
Decreases Refractory Time
May Eliminate the Need for Pills
Promotes a Fuller, More Robust Appearance

Why Doctors Recommend It:

  • EThe Phoenix Pro adds to the comprehensive medical solutions offered by doctors yet combines cutting-edge technology to equip patients with increased accessibility, comfort and added results.
  • EPatients who purchase The Phoenix Pro will receive thorough custom-tailored medical protocols, access to one-on-one physician expertise, and even an Accountability Journal, which will track improvements through the recommended treatment schedules.
  • EThe Pro model emits more pulses per treatment than the base model and has no lockout because it is intended to be used under medical guidance and supervision.
  • EBecause it supports a wider range of medically supervised treatment protocols, it is only available for purchase through a medical professional via in-clinic or telehealth consultations.
Interested in purchasing a device?