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Meet Lisa Hepworth

Lisa Hepworth, M.A. started her professional career in 1997 and successfully built and managed multiple businesses with great success. In 2013, having a desire to work in the health care industry to utilize her talents and abilities to improve people’s lives, she changed her career path. After working at a spa, plastic surgeon’s office and a wholistic health clinic, she, started the men’s health program at Vitality Health 4U. Lisa has helped hundreds of men and women recover their youthful vitality .
She received her training and certification in Aventura, Florida and has helped a number of men and women who unsuccessfully sought treatment from other providers who hold themselves out as providing sexual wellness treatment but are not trained in the Shockwave protocol.
Vitality Health 4U offers Shockwave treatment for the treatment of erectile dysfunction and Peyronie’s disease, women’s sexual wellness and pain management. At Vitality Health 4U we recognize that sexual wellness is commonly only part of the problem that a couple has with their marital intimacy. These treatments and conditions are always addressed in a professional and respectful manner.
When it comes to treating your sexual wellness getting your life back, Don’t be fooled by offers that sound too good to be true!

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Benefits of Permanent Makeup

  • EAccentuate your facial features to add expression to your eyes with a smudge-free, waterproof eyeliner
  • EAdd definition to eyebrows with natural-looking hair-like strokes
  • EDefine your lip line and add fullness and color to your lips
  • EEnjoy lip color that complements your skin and hair tones
  • ESay goodbye to smudging, fading, streaking, and flaking of makeup
  • EIncrease your confidence by waking up looking beautiful every morning

Benefits of Erectile Dysfunction Treatment

  • ETreat your symptoms without surgery or prescription medication
  • ERestore your ability to enjoy pleasure
  • ERegain fulfillment of a normal sexual relationship